Het Team

Jaro Sommer

Team Leader

" Maatschappelijke problemen zoals eenzaamheid onder ouderen zijn moeilijk om op te lossen, maar met het werk dat ik doe voor Rotterjam heb ik het idee dat ik echt mensen help. Dat voelt ontzettend goed. "

Liza Rakutskaya

Partnership Manager

" Nothing makes me happier than a smile, especially when it comes from the elderly whose day you can make better by simply spending time with them. "

Thomas De Goy

Sales Manager

" I want to help all I can to tackle elderly loneliness, but also to bring them joy and happiness. "

Luísa Meireles

Marketing Manager

" What matters is taking the initiative and providing meaningful moments for the lonely ones. Such a great feeling to be able to improve their lives! "

Daniël van Lomwel

External relations manager

" Societal problems are never stand-alone, meaning that focusing only on one issue at a time is fruitless. This triangulation is why I believe in the power of Rotterjam. By combining multiple societal problems and addressing them without compromising others, we make a tangible impact, visible in the smiles of the elderly or of our customers tasting delicious eco-friendly Jam. "